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How to spy on your teen's Facebook messenger messages without them knowing?

Learn how to spy on your teen's Facebook messenger messages without them knowing

Teenagers can be quite difficult to manage. They all suffer from impulse control issues which makes them liable for making bad decisions. To top that off, they are also insanely secretive and they don’t distrust anyone more than their own parents, which makes them particularly hard to protect from the world around them.

Furthermore, these days teens aren’t just threatened by the world around them. They deal with a whole number of threats even sitting on your couch in the safety of your home.

The prevalence of social media has made it harder for you to protect them, and easier for them to be targeted. There are various means in which social media can make them easy targets. They could be victims of cyberbullying, catfishing, stalkers, or they could be consuming pornographic and violent content!

However, there is one way to protect your teens. There’s one thing teens love more than anything else. Yes, you got it. It’s their social media and instant messaging apps!

Facebook, as you may well know, is the most popular social media app out there. Likewise, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging apps out there for communications!

When you have access to someone’s Facebook account, you can essentially find out all of their secrets! You can find out whether your kids are mixing with the wrong crowd, whether they’re consuming drugs, or whether they’re being harmfully targeted in any other way.

A lot of parents think this is unethical. But it’s our job as parents to ensure the safety of our kids at all costs. If it takes spying on their Facebook messages, so be it!

In this article, I’ll show you how to spy on your teen’s Facebook Messenger using an app called mSpy.

Introduction to mSpy

mSpy is one of the most trust-worthy spy apps in the world of espionage and spy apps. It has been endorsed by a lot of reputed outlets such as Daily Mail, CNet, and others, and as such, you can trust that they’re very discrete.

Discretion is important when dealing with teenagers because if they realize they’re being spied on, it will damage your relationship with them.

mSpy can help you spy on your teen’s Facebook Messenger messages without them knowing. However, in order for you to use this feature, you’ll have to gain access to your teen’s phone. Once you do, you’ll have to jailbreak your teen’s iPhone or root their Android phone. This is necessary.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to spy on not only their Facebook Messenger but also every other aspect of their social media lives as well.

The following features can help you track their Facebook Messenger messages.

1.       Facebook Messenger Monitoring:

mSpy has an option with which you’ll receive all of your teen’s messages in your control panel. You’ll be able to see all the messages that they’re exchanging with someone, along with its date and time stamps. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to find out about the recipient and explore their Facebook profile to find out about them.

2.       Keylogging:

This is a feature with which you’ll get a complete log of all the buttons your teen is pressing on their phone. This will help you determine their Facebook password. Once you have that, you can simply log into their account whenever and wherever and monitor all their activities. However, in this case, it’s essential that you don’t do anything, simply observe. If you accidentally like anything, or comment, or anything, they may grow suspicious of being hacked.

How to monitor your teen’s Facebook Messenger messages using mSpy

Now that you know about all the basics of mSpy, why it can be trusted, and what are its most essential features for monitoring Facebook Messenger messages, you can read on to find out how to use it.


Buying mSpy

First, you’ll need to purchase mSpy. You’ll find three different package options — Basic, Premium, and Bundle Kit. You can get the licensing for 1 month, 3 months, or even 12 months.

Out of these, the Basic Package doesn’t have the feature to monitor Facebook Messenger messages, so don’t buy that. You can buy the Premium Package or the Bundle Kit. The only difference between them is that the Premium will allow you to monitor one teen’s Facebook Messenger messages, whereas the Bundle kit will allow you to monitor up to three devices!

So it just depends on how many teenagers you want to monitor.

After selecting the package and licensing which most suits your needs, you’ll have to make the payment from an online gateway.


Installing mSpy

•    After the payment has been processed, you’ll receive two emails. The first email will simply welcome you to having joined mSpy. The second email is important as it will come with a link to your personal control panel, along with your login credentials.

•    Once you follow the link to your control panel, you’ll be met with two options — Jailbreak or No-Jailbreak.

•    You can only monitor Facebook Messenger messages on a jailbroken or rooted device. As such, choose that option.

•    Now, you’ll be sent a guide on how to jailbreak/root the device, and also how to install mSpy into it

•    Now comes the difficult part. You’ll have to find some time alone with your teen’s phone. This should be easy to accomplish. Simply confiscate the phone for half-an-hour or so when they act up.

•    Follow the guide to jailbreak or root their phone. You can also speak to the customer service over the phone for $12.99 and they can take you through the process. If you still can’t understand it, you can hire mAssistance for $43.99 so that they can come to your home and jailbreak/root and install the app for you.

•    Once the installation is complete, it’s crucial that you should hide the mSpy app. You should also hide the Cydia/ Superuser icons. These icons appear after you have jailbroken or rooted a device. If you don’t hide these, your teenager may get suspicious.

•    Finally, you have to make sure that your teen’s phone is always within net connectivity as the data is transmitted to your control panel via the internet. This shouldn’t be hard to manage as teenagers can’t really survive without internet connectivity!


How to Spy on Facebook Messenger?

Finally, you need to go back to your control panel and select the Facebook Messenger option. And voila! All of their messages will be there for you to spy on!