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Best Free Card Game In The App Store

Find out which is the best card game in the app store

Even though there are so many new games available to us these days, there is something to be said about the classic standbys that have delighted people for generations. One of the best things you can have at your disposal is a deck of cards as there are endless ways you can pass the time that are both fun and engaging. Even if all you have is your phone, you can download card games that will test your brain strength(android) and help keep you entertained. One of the best options you can find is Solitaire. New research has proven that playing Solitaire can help sharpen and strengthen your mind. Here are all the reasons that you should be playing it more often. 

Challenging Without Being Hard
When it comes to games, our brains like it to be a little challenging without being too difficult or impossible. Only a select few of us love to rack our minds to figure out answers to complex problems, which is why some games like chess are not as popular. Thankfully, Solitaire gives you the perfect blend of mastery and complexity so that it’s not super hard to win, but it takes some time and thinking to get there. Overall, you can activate your brain so much easier with this game than with most other options out there. 

Easy to Learn
Even if you’ve never played Solitaire before or if it’s been a while since you played last, this game is a quick study so that you can go from novice to expert in no time at all. However, even once you have mastered the rules, the game changes every timeso that you get a new experience and strategy with each new setup. 

Sharpens Your Focus
It’s no secret that people these days are more distracted than ever, which is why playing a free Solitaire app(IOS) is so important. Just an hour a day will help retrain your brain into focusing on the task at hand, rather than jumping around between stimuli. 

In the end, while other card games can be fun when you have other people around, Solitaire is by far the best option as you can play anytime, anywhere, and get mentally fit in the process.