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Zoho Vault giveaway

Get Zoho Vault 100% free in Download.hr giveaway for a limited time!

Portal Download.hr, in cooperation with Zoho Corporation, is organizing a Zoho Vault giveaway promotion in which you can get Zoho Vault completely free!

Here are few information about Zoho Vault:
Individuals and organizations are drowning in a sea of passwords - both personal and business - because passwords are still the dominant form of user authentication. To stay afloat, users adopt shortcuts and poor password practices. They store passwords in spreadsheets, text files and other volatile sources. They share them insecurely, without protection. And they reuse passwords that are usually weak and easy to remember. Zoho Vault solves these password problems with an online password manager that's easy to use yet highly secure. Highlights of Zoho Vault - Zoho Vault helps store passwords in a centralized repository; Offers strong security and complete data privacy - Encrypts passwords at the browser, stores only encrypted data on server, does not store encryption key - Employs AES-256, the strongest known algorithm - Secure, controlled password sharing among team members and work groups; complete visibility on password usage and access - Password access control (request-release) workflow - Provision to launch one-click direct connection to websites, applications - Grouping of passwords and secrets for better access and management - Clearly-defined ownership for all passwords, with provision to transfer ownership when someone leaves the organization - Provision to enforce password policies - Import and export passwords - Secure offline access mechanism for emergency access in the absence of internet connectivity - Two-factor authentication for increased security - Mobile apps (iOS & Android) for access to passwords while on the go - Browser Extensions (Chrome & Firefox) for on-site password management - Password expiration alerts - Comprehensive audit trails recording user activities for all user actions - Instant notifications on password events - Provision for data backup - Restrict access based on IP address - User access and activity reports - Active Directory integration for user provisioning and management

You can get Zoho Vault for FREE until 18.11.2016 on special givaway page: Zoho Vaultgiveaway.