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How to automatically mute a website in Google Chrome

With Chrome 64 you can mute annoying autoplaying videos

The beta of Google Chrome 64 enables you to silence a website completely, so even if a video pops up-- and Chrome can block some of those, too! The function is expected to roll out to the general public at some point in January.

Google's Chrome 64 beta ships with a more powerful popup advertisement blocker, which automatically prevents some dodgy advertisements from either appearing or re-routing you to other websites online. However it also applies some site-by-site controls, so that when you go to a website, you have much better control of exactly what media to permit and prohibit.

All of the per-site controls reside within the padlock ('Secure") icon to the very left of the URL bar. Using the brand-new settings, Chrome now enables you to define, on a per-site basis, whether to permit or block (or mute) flash and audio, or just default to the worldwide settings you may have already applied. Naturally, this does not always block the video from playing, simply automatically mutes it.