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iTunes won’t be coming to the Microsoft Store this year

Maybe next year?

Back at Microsoft's Build 2017 conference, the company made the unforeseen announcement of iTunes coming to the (then called) Windows Store on Windows 10. Now a little over seven months later, it has been discovered that iTunes will not be coming to the (now called) Microsoft Store this year.

There are still apparently plans for iTunes to come to the Microsoft Store, but it simply won't be taking place in 2017. Neither of the two companies is offering a timeline for a release, and there's no word on what caused the hold-up. 

This is bad news for those who may be using a device with Windows 10 S installed, primarily due to the fact that it is a version of Windows 10 which can only run apps from the Microsoft Store. iTunes may not be the best media player out there, but the app is also a digital content shop, a Podcasts app and a sync client for iPhones and iPads. Microsoft actually need this app in the Microsoft Store to make Windows 10 S a practical choice for customers.