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Microsoft continues working on My People for Windows 10

Microsoft’s feature for connecting you to close friends, known as My People, may have been cut from the Creators Update, but it has resurfaced as part of the latest Windows Insider build (16184) for Windows 10 PCs.

With the Creators Update completed, Microsoft is now working on the next significant upgrade of Windows 10, called Redstone 3. While the initial builds of Redstone 3 concentrated on framework, Microsoft appears to have proceeded to including functions: namely, the My People "experience," and a richer Focused Inbox for those who use Gmail with Windows 10 Mail.

My People asks you to pick up to 3 buddies and pin them to your taskbar, along with apps like Edge, Skype, or OneNote. Those buddies will constantly be just a click away: Clicking them will open a messaging window, enabling you to stay in continuous touch. My People obviously defaults to Skype, though you'll have the ability to pick an alternative program and My People will remember your choice.

It's unclear whether all of the functions Microsoft displayed previously are within the current version of My People. Last fall, Microsoft suggested that when you opened an app such as Mail, the My People you selected would appear among the default choices for e-mail receivers. Microsoft also displayed "Shoulder Taps," where your My People buddies could send you emoji and other feedback, which would pop up on your desktop.

To make sure that My People launches properly, however, you'll have to download the most recent versions of the Skype, Mail, and People apps from the Store. Clicking the People icon in the taskbar will launch My People, Microsoft said.