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Microsoft Edge now read web pages in several languages

With new update Microsoft Edge can now read web pages in several languages

Microsoft Edge got an upgrade this week and in addition to a number of cool enhancements and a brand-new fullscreen mode, the web browser also got a brand-new function that enables it to read a page's content to users in a range of languages.

To get the web browser to read a websites, just highlight the selected text, right-click on the mouse, and click on Read aloud. Additionally, users can also highlight the text and after that select the Read aloud choice from the main Edge menu in the top-right corner of the app.

To have the whole web page's content read to you, just choose Read aloud without highlighting anything.

As soon as the function is activated, a special toolbar will fall from the top of the open web browser tab. The narration can be paused from this menu and, by clicking on the person icon, the reading speed can be changed and the voice itself can be changed.