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Munich is moving back to Microsoft

After promoting the use of free open source software in recent years, the German city of Munich is planning to move back to Microsoft solutions.

The Munich City Council decided to change from open-source groupware Kolab to Microsoft Exchange this Spring, just after the council also began reevaluating its usage of Linux, a customized version of Ubuntu in favor of Windows 10.

While a spokesman for Munich city council didn't talk about the matter, Günther Meyer, co-chairperson of the Pirate Party in Munich shared that "they have actually already been working on Exchange for some months. A migration to Outlook will begin in the near future." If this work is being done behind the scene, for now, Matthias Kirschner, president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), explained that "it was agreed that the final decision will be made by the city council members after they get an estimation of the expenses."

The city of Munich invested a great deal of money and time to replace Microsoft's solutions with open source software, preferring the latter any place possible. It's unclear why the council is now thinking about returning to Microsoft, though a current research study from Accenture exposed different issues impacting staff members and IT personnel. "The LHM city of Munich deal with outdated, partly risky, usually extremely cumbersome IT, resulting in great deals of lost time and efficiency," the report mentioned.