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Windows 10 market share slowly grows

Windows 10 market share is growing from month to month but slower than Microsoft wanted

November lies behind us, so it's time to once again think about the state of the desktop by looking at the three services we use to evaluate desktop operating system market share.

Those three - StatCounter, Netmarketshare and analytics.gov, each evaluate OS share by looking at web traffic. The first two think about a slice of the entire web. Analytics.gov considers just its own websites, but as it gets more than two billion visits every 90 days it's a good fat information set to deal with.

This month Windows 10 has ticked up about a point in all three services' evaluations, not stellar but certainly much better news for Microsoft than last month's all-but-stalled growth.

Here's the last three months of information from all three services.

    Win 7 Win 8 Win 8.1 Win 10
Analytics.gov September 55.48% 1.19% 7.15% 32.61%
  October 54.44% 1.33% 7.51% 33.19%
  November 53.69% 1.28% 7.30% 34.45%
Netmarketshare September 48.27%   7.83% 22.53%
  October 48.38%   8.40% 22.59%
  November 47.17%   8.01% 23.72%
Statcounter September 39.88% 2.54% 8.38% 24.43%
  October 39.40% 2.31% 8.50% 24.42%
  November 38.97% 2.37% 8.32% 24.81%


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